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The Police Academy Separation Game
Do you remember the Kevin Bacon game - the Six Degrees of Separation stuff? Great. I think we proved a lot about Kevin Bacon, Hollywood, and ourselves, or maybe not, I wasn't really paying that much attention. Either way, The League Of Vowels love to pass the time by linking together any two randomly selected actors (or writers, or directors) through movies (or TV shows) that they've collaborated on. And they've gotten pretty good at it - they learned that it's much safer and quite a bit more fun than fighting villainy itself. In fact, they've gotten so good at it that they've added the "Police Academy" caveat just to make it a little more interesting. The "Police Academy" caveat requires that you use at least one reference to any of the seven "Police Academy" movies, the animated "Police Academy" series, or the live action "Police Academy" TV series when linking from one actor to another. For example, if you wanted to link from Chevy Chase to Faith Ford (the Chevy - Ford separation test), you might use the following:
Chevy Chase was in
L. A. Story with
Sarah Jessica Parker who was in
Sex and the City with
Kim Cattrall who was in
Police Academy with
Steve Guttenberg who was in
Cocoon with
Don Ameche who was in
The Magnificent Dope with
Henry Fonda who was in
How The West Was Won with
George Peppard who was in
The Executioner with
Candice Bergen who was in
Murphy Brown with
Faith Ford
Some of you may have noticed that this has more than six degrees of separation. That's a simple fact of life when you're playing the Police Academy version of this game, so pipe down. If you think you can do better, you'll have to prove it. And prove it you can, with the use of this handy little form below. There are other tests you can select from if you like, or you can even suggest your own Hollywood celebrities to link by way of the Police Academy Separation Game. When there are no killers terrorizing the county, this game makes a great time killer. So give it a shot!
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